About East Suffolk One

​East Suffolk One is the new radio station for where we live. It’s a local service that is just getting started and our aim is to provide everything East Suffolk and more of your favourite songs

East Suffolk One is available online, via our app and the Amazon Alexa platform. Our team includes people who live and work locally and have a successful history of setting up and running radio stations in Lowestoft and the East Suffolk area. 

Radio where we live

Serving Lowestoft, Beccles and Saxmundham and other neighbouring locations, we are committed to ‘Everything East Suffolk’

Supporting East Suffolk One and our communities

Getting startedTwo Easy ways to promote your company on East Suffolk One and help support radio where we live at the same time.

1.  Radio spot advertising

Your radio advert played on East Suffolk One.
Got a radio ad already?

Great, we can get that on East Suffolk One ASAP
Need an ad? Don’t worry our team can help you get one produced2. Feature Sponsorship

Add your name ahead of our hourly weather forecasts or support our daytime programming with your company name/slogan/website mentioned several times a day. We have flexible packaged. If you have any other ideas – we would love to hear them.


About East Suffolk OneOur team have kicked things off and to keep the station going in the longer term, we are looking to local business and organisations for their support.

Local media in our area is not as local as it used to be. Having a radio station that blends local news, weather and information together with great music – we feel is missing from this area.
We look forward to working together on this exciting project over the weeks and months to come.​​

Social media and promotion

East Suffolk One has an active social media presence. We’ve continued to grow our followers over the past few months and seen engagement grow considerably recently. We conduct surveys to make sure we were playing the music people liked to hear, and have created our fun social media promotions for the station around the results of the surveys.

Let’s talk – email or call us on 07513 638636