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Have Your Say on East Suffolk’s Play Space Proposals

Children’s play areas in Beccles and Wrentham could be getting a revamp. East Suffolk Council’s Play Strategy has set out plans and ideas to improve some spaces and change others back to open space Residents are invited to give their views on plans to upgrade some play areas in the district, providing high-quality play spaces for children of all ages and abilities. There are over 280 play areas in East […]

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East Suffolk

Staycation – East Suffolk’s Historic places

East Suffolk is a region rich in history, with numerous landmarks and sites that offer a glimpse into the past. Here are the five most historic places in East Suffolk: Framlingham Castle: Framlingham Castle, located in the market town of Framlingham, is a magnificent fortress with a history dating back over 900 years. Originally built in the 12th century, the castle played a significant role in various historical events, including […]

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East Suffolk

Discover the best Fish and Chip Destinations near Southwold

Prepare to embark on a gastronomic adventure through the captivating coastal region of East Suffolk, as we uncover the best fish and chip establishments near the picturesque town of Southwold. From the traditional seaside charm of Southwold itself to the neighboring towns of Lowestoft and Beccles, these six delightful eateries offer a tantalizing selection of freshly battered fish and perfectly cooked chips. Get ready to indulge in the ultimate British […]

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East Suffolk

Have you tried these East Suffolk Indian Restaurants?

Embark on a flavorsome adventure through East Suffolk as we uncover the region's hidden gems for curry enthusiasts. Within a five-mile radius of Beccles, these ten exceptional eateries offer a tantalizing array of curry delights, showcasing the diverse and vibrant culinary scene of the area. Get ready to indulge in the aromatic spices and mouthwatering flavors that await in East Suffolk's top curry destinations. The Maharani (Beccles): Located right in […]

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East Suffolk

Lowestoft Restaurants

7 Great Places to eat in Lowestoft Lowestoft is a great place for food lovers with lots of options to choose from. Whether you like cozy cafes or fine dining, you'll find something you enjoy. We've selected the top 7 places to eat in Lowestoft for you: 1. The Jolly Sailors - a great gastropub with traditional British food made with local ingredients. 2. Urban Jungle - a fun cafe […]

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Is your property secure?

Is your garage or outbuilding secure? Many people store tools in their garages thinking it's the safest place. Suffolk Police have issued a useful checklist to make sure if your garage or shed will beat burglars.   Shed and Garage Security  

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The photograph was taken in May by Ranald Mackechnie An unseen portrait of the Queen smiling with joy has been released by Buckingham Palace on the eve of her funeral. The photograph, taken in May ahead of the Platinum Jubilee celebrations, shows the monarch beaming brightly at the camera in her Windsor Castle home. In a televised tribute to her mother-in-law on Sunday evening, the Queen Consort recalled the Queen’s […]

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King and Prince greet mourners in queue

The King and the Prince of Wales have greeted mourners in the queue for the Queen’s lying in state. Hundreds of people in line at Lambeth, south London, cheered and applauded as Charles and William emerged on Saturday afternoon, before the pair thanked those waiting to pay their respects to the late monarch at Westminster Hall. One woman offered the King condolences as he shook her hand, and another shouted: […]

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Huge TV Audience expected for Queens Funeral

The funeral of Queen Elizabeth II is likely to attract one of the largest UK television audiences of recent decades. A benchmark for comparison is the funeral service for Diana, Princess of Wales on September 6, 1997, which was watched by an average of 32.1 million people, including 19.3 million on BBC One and 11.7 million on ITV. No royal event since then has come close to matching such huge […]

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